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What is casino scalping about?

There is tough competition among internet online casinos. That's why many of them offer special bonus for first deposit (up to 100% of your deposit). For example - if you deposit 200 US dollars to 888casino for the first time, you'll get another 100 dollars from casino. So now you can play with totally 400 dollars. Of course you cannot withdraw this amount (400USD) immediately, but you should make some turnover.

You will be required to wager at least 20 times (it depends on casino) the bonus before you can withdraw the money (if you deposit 200 dollars in Casino On Net, you should make bets total 4000 USD).

Use our perfect blackjack strategy and you can "steal" the bonus money. The perfect blackjack (so called casino sculping system) ensure, that you more win than lose by playing black jack. And you will play with your 200 dollars and with 200 dollars from casino.. so at the end you will net profit (statstically the casino will keep $4000 x 0.40% = 16 dollars ... Subtract the $16 from the free $200 in bonus money the casino gave you and your profits total 184 USD.).

But you should only play until you meet the wager requirements (e.g. you'll bet 20x bonus) and than withdraw your money and try another casino. Don't worry, it's not that hard to meet these wager requirements because ALL bets count towards the requirement, wins AND losses.

Let's look at the Blackjack strategy information

What will you need?

  • credit card or Neteller account or Moneybookers etc.
  • internet connection
  • at least 55 dollars, but if you want get all possible money begin with 200 dollars in Casino On Net, because you'll recieve the maximal bonus

What is the catch?

The casinos don't believe you will follow these perfect blackjack strategz to win money. Either you won't follow the blackjack strategy, you'll keep on playing after meeting the wager requirements, or you will try other games with poor odds. Prove them wrong! Be smart, follow our steps.

My contribution

There is universal strategy for all online casinos, but here you'll find unique strategic card for each online casino, what makes your winnig odds higher.

I wish you good luck and enjoyment from money you win

Let's look at the Blackjack strategy information. If you prefer easier and smooth way to win money, try our roulette systems.