Roulette strategy system - D' Alembert

Betting principle

This simple system is employed for even money betting and involves adding a unit to your last bet if you lose and removing a unit every time you win. It's success is very dependant on there being an equal spread of the ' even odds' option you choose to play i.e. 100 spins to give 50 black and 50 red. It's very common for this not to happen also the zero make this system work against you as well. Another point is that you have to be aware of instances where although you might get 50red/50black in a session you could get a clump of red numbers at the beginning of your session and find that the rest of the session favours the black numbers which means your progression on red gets higher and higher and your will to continue fades because there is no guarantee of a turnaround. For this system to work all the time you need an even spread of the even odds bets, i.e. no long periods of favouritism for either side of the even odds bet.

This system is solely designed for Roulette.

Even better is Martingale - try it, if you want earn some capital for roulette systems.

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