James bond roulette strategy - James Bond's bet

Betting principle

James Bond roulette odds bet
Effective method for betting of 200 dollars(units):

140 dollars bet on High Number (19-36)

50 dollars bet on Six Number 13-18

10 dollars on zero (as insurance)

And now you can see, that you have 2/3 of table covered. Let's spin roulette

If there is number from High Number, your net profit is 80 dollars,

if there is number from Six Number, your net profit is 100 dollars,

if there is zero, your net profit is 160 dollars,

if there is some another number, you lose and next time you double your bets(like in Martingale)

REMEBER that this system needs bigger capital for betting.

Even better is Martingale - try it, if you want earn some capital for roulette systems.

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