Roulette strategy system - Martingale

Let's begin with the most well known and simple of all strategy systems - Martingale. On the other hand I must say, that it is one of the most treacherous.

Simple roulette sytems are based on betting on red or black color on roulette table, where is nearly 50% probability of win (we have to reckon on "green zero" that's why the probability isn't exactly 50%). Chose one color, that you will bet on. You should stay with this color at least during one game serie.

Betting principle

In brief - stakes are double after losses until a win occurs

Bet 1 dollar on your color (e.g. red) and spin the roulette....

a) You win - bet 1 dollar on red again

b) You lose - double your stake - you will bet 2 dollars on red color. Other lose means double the stake (4 dollars). When the unfortunate serie continues, double your bet again (8 dollars) etc.

Now you finally win. Let's calculate how much you have earned. The last bet 8 dollars brought next 8 dollars - so you have total 16 dollars in hand. And you had bet 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 = 15 dollars - so your net profit is 1 dollar!

The game serie is at the end and now you begin with stake 1 dollar again.

As you can see, this is progresive system. And this progression could be very dangerous. In case of some unfortunate game serie, you will need larger capital (200 USD minimally, 500 USD is good) and also steady nerves.

Notice: This system is best used in Roulette, but can also be used in Blackjack

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