Roulette strategy system - Oskar's Grind

Betting principle

This system has no relation to a Hollywood star missing out on an Oscar, rather it relates to a gambler in the 1950’s and 1960’s known as “Oscar” who produced detailed records of consistent profits. Here are the details of the "Grind". The system has the player bet one unit. If he wins, the sequence is over and a new one can be initiated. If the bet is lost, then the next bet will be the same size as the one just lost. Whenever a bet is won, the next stake is one unit larger, unless it causes the bettor to net more than one unit of profit for the sequence. At that point, just enough is wagered to net one unit if the bet wins. A sequence might look like this:

1) Bet 1 unit and lose: -1 unit
2) Bet 1 unit and win: +0 units
3) Bet 1 unit and lose: -1 unit
4) Bet 1 unit and lose: -2 units
5) Bet 1 unit and lose: -3 units
6) Bet 1 unit and win: -2 units
7) Bet 2 units and win: +0 units
8) Bet 1 unit and lose: -1 unit
9) Bet 1 unit and win: +0 units
10) Bet 1 unit and win: +1 unit
-Series has been won-

The player starts with a loss so his second stake remains at one unit. This bet is won, putting him back to even. Because he is only seeking a one-unit win for the progression, he does not escalate his bet to two units. Bets 3 through 5 are losses so he stays with a one-unit stake. After the sixth bet wins, he now increases his wager to two units. The seventh bet also wins, but again he only needs a one unit bet to win the sequence. The eighth bet loses so the ninth wager is one unit. Finally, the tenth bet wins and our player wins the entire progression. Notice that out of ten total wagers, nine were only one unit in size. This system tends to be more conservative and less volatile. The sequence illustrated above contained five wins and five losses, it’s good in the way that this system does not quickly escalate your losing wagers.

Even better is Martingale - try it, if you want earn some capital for roulette systems.

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